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Writing Services4 Basic Writing Services I Provide

Content for Web Pages – About Us, Home, Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, or Web Pages Written

Have you recently started a business or website and need a strong About Us Page to establish a basis of trust with your potential clients? A Home Page to convert visitors to potential clients? Have you been in business for a while but are not realizing the sales from your website you imagined? If your product or service is good and you should be realizing more sales, then perhaps it is that your potential clients have not received a warm fuzzy feeling from your About Us, Home, Privacy Policy, or Terms of Service Pages are just a few of the writing services I provide.

Conducting business on the internet is very reliant on Trust.

In my 300-500 word write up for any of these pages, my main objective will be to develop trust between you and your potential clients. If you do not have an established website with a lot of information already on it, I ask that you provide me with as much background about you and your business as possible, particularly details about your product or service, any special promotions, and the answer to the question: what makes your business special? You should also give me a quality photo of you and your family, or the business logo. In my opinion, it is best to use a professional picture of the family or the owner/owners. Once again it is about trust, the more the potential buyer trusts you the owner, the more chance they will make the purchase without hesitation.

My Writing Services offer:

  • Original content
  • 24-hour service
  • Error free content
  • As many revisions as you need until you are satisfied
  • Reputation management

Directory Submission

Directory submission write ups is another of the basic writing services I provide. Why submit your website to directories? A web directory service is like the yellow pages for the web. If you want to be found on the web, a good place to start is to submit your site to directories within your niche. Let’s say you have a family law office, you will want to list your website on each directory that lists law websites, but not all at once. The best strategy is to stretch your submissions out so that it will not look to search engines as if you bought a batch of backlinks. That looks as if you are trying to skirt the system and buy your place on the search engine results pages.

The requirements vary for each directory, so I will do several write ups for your site. The Title Page, usually 40-70 characters in length with spaces, and a 150, 250, 500 & 1000-character description of your business. I will provide the write ups for you to submit on your own. 

The cost of directory submission varies depending on directory. Some directories do not charge anything to get listed and some directory services charge a minimal fee to submit to 25-30 lists. We charge a very modest fee of $35 to do all the descriptions mentioned above, or if you need a specific character or word count not listed, just ask. 

Writing Services: Niche Articles or Blogs

I will write well researched, SEO infused articles for your website that makes use of keyword phrases and Meta Description tags that will bring the RIGHT customers to your web pages.

SEO is no longer just about stacking an article full of keywords, but using the right keywords, in the right place, that brings the right customers to your website. In fact, keyword stuffing will now get you penalized by most major search engines.

Additionally, in order to satisfy Google’s Hummingbird algorithm, I use synonyms of the key word and focus words within the surrounding text to ensure credit for your Page with the right information to rank on the appropriate search engine results page (SERP).

I use proper Meta Description tags, which is a 150-character blurb that tells a potential customer what they will find on your site. A Meta Description tag is like a movie trailer in tweet form. Although these descriptions do not influence SEO, this is the first item a potential customer will read on the SERP.

The facts speak for themselves, 3.5 billion people conduct a search on Google every day and 90 percent never scroll past the first five results on a SERP. Your website’s landing page needs to be one of those first five. Additionally, there needs to be a definitive call to action for potential customers to answer within seconds of reaching your page to convert visitors to potential clients.

Well-written product descriptions and quality, SEO friendly content is your best bet for a significant return on investment. Try one of my writing services for your website.

Writing Services

250 Page Non-Fiction Editing Project

Editing – What I Do for You

First, I will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, so that you will know your manuscript, material, or idea is safe with me. Second, I will accept 50 percent of the total cost upfront, so that you know I will perform the service as agreed, and I know I will get paid for my time. Next, I will read through the entire manuscript to familiarize myself with the setting, plot, and characters, then I will begin proofreading for spelling and grammar, proper word usage, and punctuation. In addition, check for style and voice consistency, tense agreement, syntax, good flow, and clarity, if needed; advise on format and organization; while using MS Word’s Track Changes tool.

After completing one chapter, I will go back through the changes and accept the changes to ensure it fits the scenario and save that one chapter. I will then send both the original, the tracked changes, and the fully revised chapter to the client for review, so that they may keep or discard changes made. I will edit out passive voice, but in some cases the author may like the passive voice left in the manuscript. Proper grammar is not always proper for the situation. In summary, I will iron out any creases that may remain so the book will be error free and ready for publication. When the author agrees that the work is ready for publication, I will provide two versions of the completed work in Word and in Adobe .PDF.

I normally charge $1.00 per page for this service; however, I am flexible and just wish to give my client a fair price. If you have a Children’s book or another book that is mostly illustrations or need an English Second Language (ESL) edit, I will give you a flat rate, in many cases as little as $25.

Contact me today for expert writing services at a price you can afford, with an excellent return on investment.

Writing Services

English Second Language Editor

I am a Certified US English Chicago Manual of Style Editor.