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Use weight loss and light exercise to stay healthy.

Weight Loss: How I Used the Cabbage Soup and Mediterranean Diets to Lose 20 Pounds in 30 Days

Weight Loss – How I Used the Cabbage Soup and Mediterranean Diet to Lose 20 Pounds in 30 Days. Light exercise and weight loss can keep you healthy.

Weight loss is as much mental as it is diet and exercise. You should prepare for weight loss the same way you prepare for a race, a marathon not a sprint.

First, you’ll need to set a realistic goal. Pick a target weight and a date that you would like to meet that goal.

Second, break your goal down into smaller chunks that are easy to measure.

Then, make sure you have the proper tools for success. Plan your menu before you shop for the week. If you are prepared, chances are you won’t eat something that is not on your diet.

Keep an accurate bathroom scale handy and use it every morning before you start eating and drinking. It’s a good feeling to look at your scale and know you are making progress.

Use the Cabbage Soup Diet to Lose 10 Pounds in 7 Days   

I knew I needed to go from 240 down to 180, but even thinking about losing 60 pounds seemed too difficult. But, I knew that I could lose 7-10 pounds in seven days using the Cabbage Soup Diet, because I had done that before.

What’s more, with the Cabbage Soup Diet I wasn’t hungry all the time. When I was hungry, I could fill up with soup, fruits, or vegetables depending on which day it was.

I used the plan at Catherine has an e-book and will send you an email every day. I find it very helpful to get hints and advice.

Weigh Loss: The Mediterranean Diet

Weigh Loss: The Mediterranean Diet

Use the Mediterranean Diet to Continue Weight Loss and eat Healthy

Since it is recommended that you only use the Cabbage Soup Diet for seven days, I use the Mediterranean Diet after the first week. The Mediterranean Diet is a healthy way to lose weight.

*According to WebMD, it lowers your blood pressure, cholesterol, and may even help you avoid cancer and other diseases. Probably the most popular is the Mayo Clinic Diet, but there are probably as many diets as there are countries on the Mediterranean Sea.

Search the web and find the one right for your tastes. I really love this diet because I can eat pizza and pasta and drink a glass of wine with dinner now and then.

Let Exercise help you Reach your Weight Loss Goals, look Fab and Tighten the Flab.

I begin my day with some light stretching, and then walk for 45 minutes. I end my day the same way with a 45-minute walk. I also do 10 or 12 push-ups with my hands against the wall and a few crunches throughout the day to tone my muscles as I lose weight.

Weight loss is never easy, but it’s a lot easier if you have a plan!

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