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Stephen King: A Quiz About the Master of Terror

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Stephen King is one of the most famous authors of horror, but how well do you know his writing? Many of his chilling novels or short stories have been adapted into award-winning movies. How well do you know the works of the Master of Terror?


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Carrie_Cover_ 1) What was the name of cursed teenage girl who destroyed everyone at her prom with her  telekinetic powers ?


Different_Seasons_Cover2) What was the name of the short story that told of a boy named Todd who befriended a former Nazi war criminal?


Misery_Cover3) Who was the ill-fated author who was held hostage in the novel, Misery?



Firestater_Cover4) Which famous child actress played the supernatural pyromaniac based on King’s novel Fire Starter?



Christine_Cover5) What type of car was Christine?


Green_Mile_Cover6) What was the name of the gifted prisoner walking The Green Mile?



The_Girl_Who_Loved_Tom_Gordon_Cover7)  What is the name of the novel written by King about a famous baseball announcer?



It Cover8) What was the name of the demonic clown in It?



9) How many novels has Stephen King written?
10) Which of King’s stories started as a novella, was adapted for film, and told of the unfair imprisonment and escape of prisoner Andy DeFresne?


pet semantary cover11)  What was the name of the resurrected cat in King’s Pet Sematary?



12) What was the name of King’s autobiography and an introduction to his art form?
Cujo Cover13)  Why did Cujo become so mean?



14)  What novel dealt with a high school teacher who woke from a coma with psychic abilities?
15) What is the name of King’s supernatural romantic novel?

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