Take my Author Quiz and see how much you know about your favorite authors. Start with Stephen King or Dean Koontz, more to come.

Future Author Quizzes planned include Nora Roberts, aka J.D. Robb, James Patterson, John Grisham, Nicholas Sparks, Danielle Steel and many more. So be sure to return often, or register and I will send you an email when each new author quiz is published.    

Author Quiz 1: Stephen King: A Quiz About the Master of Terror

Stephen King is one of the most famous authors of horror, but how well do you know his writing? Many of his chilling novels or short stories have been adapted into award-winning movies. How well do you know the works of the Master of Terror? 

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Author Quiz 2: Dean Koontz: A Quiz About the Master of Suspense

Dean Koontz is a bestselling author whose books have been published in 38 languages. He has sold more than 450 million books. Many of his books have been New York Times bestsellers. The amount of success that Dean Koontz has found is only enjoyed by a handful of writers.

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Author Quiz 3: Neil Gaiman: A Quiz About the Master of Dreams

Neil Gaiman is an author whose work reaches out to both adults and children. Many believe he is one of the best writers of comics, and he is listed in the top ten living postmodern writers. His love for books blossomed when he was young, and he has written a total of 59 books, counting his latest entitled Trigger Warning. Let’s see how well you know Neil Gaiman’s books with this short quiz.

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